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Diabetes News & Travel Information

01/06/12 New Information Coming Soon!

Checking in

Hello, just a short note to keep you updated on the website. As you can see, this is my first post this summer… The first of many I’m sure! Diabetic Travel Insurance, the website, is run and updated by myself. It’s a non-profit site that’s managed in my free time, when I’m not darting from here to there… Which is often the case. The site is aimed at Diabetics, their family and friends, and offers advice re traveling with this condition. Plus, a special reduced Travel Insurance rate, negotiated exclusively for you. Feel free to use the discounted link as many times as you wish and pass it on to your chums, its there for anyone and everyone. It’s no problem.

This summer

I write this from Cologne in Germany where I’m about to complete a 2 month intensive language course. With this done and dusted, I’ll have more time to devote to the website and start the diabetic news and information updates once again. Until then, please bare with me and continue to enjoy the discounts and diabetes travel advice and information.

But for now, see you soon!