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Travelling By Sea

Few important bits

Sea travel is similar to air travel in terms of customs regulations. You’ll need your doctor’s letter to carry diabetes supplies and equipment on board. All the diabetic supplies mentioned for air travel should be the same. If you suffer from motion sickness, take anti-nausea medication during sea travel. Remember, if you’re sick and have already taken your insulin, there is a greater risk of a Hypo, depending on how much food was digested prior. Also, Vaccinations are also important even if you are stopping at certain countries only for the day.

Its strongly recommend you inform the crew of your diabetes and remember that there is a doctor and nurse on board in case you need help.

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Our Diabetic Travel Advice pages are presented to compliment your travel plans and should in no way replace the unquestionable advice and medical care given to you by your health care team, wherever you are in the World