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Travel Insurance for Diabetes

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diabetes travel advice

Travelling with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Planning your holiday as a diabetic need not be a stressful procedure, as with every pre-existing medical condition, you just need to be a little more organised and plan ahead. Our Diabetic Travel Advice pages will guide you through some of the more common questions:

  • Do I need a diabetic letter from my Doctor?
  • How will the climate effect my Insulin?
  • Does Jetlag make a difference when it comes to glucose managment?
  • Will The X-Ray Machine damage my medication?

All these and many more will be answered within the guide..

Our Company Director is Type 1 diabetic and the inspiration behind Diabetic Travel Insurance, the website. Over the past 7 years he’s travelled the world, jumping from country to country all the time managing this condition. This Diabetic Travel Guide was based on his personal experiences coupled with the great advice already in the public arena.

We’ve done our best to include information for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, whether you’re young or old its in here, have a read through our Diabetic Travel Advice pages and take what you need. We hope its a helpful aid to a great holiday!

What ever you do, don’t let your diabetes get in the way of a well earned holiday, as a diabetic myself I understand the daily grind of managing this condition, so its all the most important to enjoy your time off. Oh and don’t forget your Travel Insurance for diabetes while you’re here, we’ve found some excellent policies and all at discounted price both for UK and Australian Diabetics.

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Important Note…

Our Diabetic Travel Advice pages are presented to compliment your travel plans and should in no way replace the unquestionable advice and medical care given to you by your health care team, wherever you are in the World